TURNSOFT SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM(TSMS) is designed to comprehensively cover all school administrative operations. Its an integrated system centralizing all school administration processes

Advantages of TSMS

By centralizing all these operations, your school will have the following advantages:

Save money.
You only buy one software instead of several to cover the various areas.

Better decision making.
All data is in one place, so you access it fast and can therefore make well informed decisions.

Fast data processing.
At a click of a button, for instance, you can process all students information and student fee



  1. Student list
  2. Fee payment history
  3. Exam performance analysis/Grading/Report Form
  4. Timetable report
  5. Library collection
  6. Income and expenditure/Profit and loss
  7. Trial balance/Balance
  8. Staff details

Web Portal:

The web portal is accessible from the internet using a standard browser.

Advantages of web portal:

  1. Teachers can work remotely by posting exams marks over the internet
  2. Students can access their performance details over the internet
  3. Parent can access their students performance, fee details and discipline details
  4. Administration can be able to track school operation over the internet

Requirements for the web portal: